This a joint project of the Electric Vehicle Council of Ottawa, Ecology Ottawa and Healthy Transportation Coalition

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e-Bus Ottawa Campaign #ebusottawa

We are seeking the following from Ottawa City Council to match the commitments already made by Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Laval and Edmonton:

  • To run an electric bus pilot in 2020
  • To introduce electric buses on regular service by 2021
  • To purchase only electric buses starting in 2024
  • To have a 100% electric bus fleet by 2035

Why should OC Transpo start the switch to electric buses?

Fighting Climate Change

  • OC Transpo buses produce 45% of the emissions from the City of Ottawa’s operations
  • Electric buses have 95% lower emissions
  • If the City of Ottawa is do its share to meet Canada’s Paris goals, for 2030 and 2050, action is required to plan the transition now.

Improving Transit

  • e-Buses are nicer to ride, quieter and cleaner
  • They are more reliable, meaning more time on the road, less in the shop for repairs
  • e-Buses mean more transit with the same operating budget

Saving Money

  • e-Buses are much cheaper to operate
  • Fuel costs – a fully electric fleet will save about $30 million per year
  • Maintenance costs – a fully electric fleet will save about $20 million per year

EVCO is working with the Healthy Transportation Coalition and Ecology Ottawa to gain these commitments in 2019.

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  Take Action - Sign the Petition